Sunday, April 30, 2017

General Conference Cards

I have been working on making General Conference cards for all of the children in our Primary. Each card is laminated, and has the title, speaker, a quote that represents a key learning from their talk, and an illustration.

I had such a hard time leaving out the beautiful words of the talks that this is more geared to Senior Primary and those who have learned to read. So, I'm debating on how and who to share them with because they were a fairly incredible amount of work - but well worth it. I have learned so much from these sessions of General Conference by studying each talk intensely. I'm so grateful for the leaders in our church that dedicate their time to serving others, drawing closer to God, and helping us learn how to do the same.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me

This was such a fun sharing time! Our first counselor put different pictures of the Savior on magnets and made sure there was one picture for every child in both Junior and Senior primary. Children looked up scriptures describing four ways that Jesus Christ is a perfect example, then matched those examples to the scriptures on the board. Then, each child was given an opportunity to come to the front of the room to match their picture with one of the four examples.

I love that we were able to:
1. Encourage the children to learn directly from the scriptures
2. Use a lot of visuals
3. Have every child participate
4. Focus our lesson on the Savior

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sharing Time: Lessons from General Conference

For Sharing Time today our presidency each picked some of our favorite conference talks. We made sure to have a picture that represented the talk for each general authority. We then had the children match symbols with pictures, then tell us what they remembered/learned from the talk. Where necessary, we filled in a little bit of extra detail. For instance, with President Monson's talk, Sister Bowden reminded the Primary that he did not speak for very long, so it's important to think about what he felt was worth talking about in the short amount of time in which he spoke.

Here's a picture of the completed board, after the children matched all of the pictures to a general authority.

I also passed out a hand-out I made for Senior Primary that shares something we learned from each of the general authorities that were featured in today's lesson.