Saturday, September 26, 2015

Week 4: My love for Jesus Christ grows when I study the scriptures

It took a while for me to really have a good feel for how I wanted to teach this week's Primary lesson from the Sharing Time manual (September lesson, week 4) so I wanted to share how I finally organized the outline. It was actually really simple once I started putting together the visuals - a lot more simple than I had originally planned.

I printed out pictures of Jesus, then wrote the scripture references on the back. I specifically made sure to print out the pictures that correspond to the two stories of Jesus that the outline references.

I'll have children choose pictures that are face-down, then ask the class to raise their hand and tell me the story if they know it. I'll also have the scripture reference on the back. I'll have the children read the scriptures depending on time and the difficulty of the scripture (for Junior vs. Senior Primary). I want to encourage discussion and involvement from the children as I think they learn best from each other, and from thinking about questions.

Our primary chorister has been teaching the children an amazing song called The Miracle by Shawna Edwards. There's a gorgeous video that goes with it on YouTube. We'll probably sing this song during Singing Time, but if not, I might have us sing this, or a number of other appropriate songs about Jesus, during Sharing Time. The music helps cement the lesson into their minds.

This  picture of Jesus blessing the children goes with Mark 10:13-16. For 3 Nephi 17:7, 9-12, 20-24, you could use this one.

The other pictures of Jesus that I chose were from this selection from the Gospel Art Library. Most of the pictures have scripture references that I looked up. I wrote the references and some notes on the back, so I could easily tell the story, or just have them look them up in the scriptures.

I specifically wanted to choose some of Jesus when he was younger - Primary-age :)

I will also try to follow this part of the outline, "Show a picture of Jesus blessing the little children. Have the children imagine how they would have felt if they had been there. Invite a few children to share their thoughts. Explain that they can feel close to the Savior by reading about Him in the scriptures."

Lastly, depending on how the lesson goes, I want to give the children and their teachers opportunities to raise their hand and share their favorite stories about Jesus.