Thursday, April 19, 2018

Priesthood Authority was Restored by Heavenly Messengers

This Sunday's lesson is "Priesthood Authority was Restored by Heavenly Messengers."

I love the amazing resources available for personal growth on and have shared many of them below.

I have invited a father/son pair to speak to the Primary children about the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood and try to use the lesson plan as a general outline. However, to make this easier for Junior Primary kids to understand especially, I am thinking about a few ways to make this a bit of a game. Right now I am leaning toward a matching game, and when they match up two pictures, we talk about what they mean, and match it to which Priesthood holder it is related to (we'll talk about how a Melchizedek priesthood holder can do the things an Aaron priesthood holder can do, etc.). This allows me to encourage participation with children coming up to the front of the room, helping each other out, etc, and making what they learn about this sometimes confusing topic a little easier to remember.

I was going to track down pictures everywhere and share links with you but guess what, did a lot of the work for me! If you go to the Primary resources for Priesthood here, then scroll down to the bottom to the Media section, they have links to pictures related to the priesthood! I just printed two of every picture to make matching cards.

I also found this, which I thought was cool, but the tiles are two small for Sharing Time. However, they are not too small too send home with the children for Family Home Evening and discussion!

Priesthood memory tiles:

[I'm having weird table issues so I just took a screen shot of my table here. Links below.]

Aaronic Priesthood

John the Baptist

Good picture of John the Baptist and John coming back later to bestow the priesthood here.

Fun project for the family: priesthood diorama.
The Priesthood is Restored

Brand New Deacon is a great story because you can quiz the kids afterward about an example of the Aaronic priesthood (passing the sacrament) and an example of the Melchezidek priesthood (blessing the boy that was nervous about passing the sacrament).

For Deacons: